Enhancing Athletic Performance: Nefiracetam Buyer’s Guide

Nefiracetam is a member of the racetam family and, like its cousins aniracetam and oxiracetam, it offers powerful nootropic properties. It boosts the acetylcholine and glutamate neurotransmitters responsible for focus, memory and learning.

Its concentration enhancing effects help you stay focused on your work for longer and reduce eye strain.

GABA & Choline

Nefiracetam is a nootropic that increases cognition, especially long-term memory formation. It boosts GABA, glutamate and acetylcholine levels in the brain. It has a similar effect to Piracetam, but it is more powerful and is more effective at increasing spatial learning abilities. Neurohackers report that this nootropic also helps to boost study scores and work flow.

Nefiracetam powder europe also has cytoprotective effects, and it may help with memory loss caused by stroke. It may also help with apathy and motivation in post-stroke patients and can have antidementia effects.

Nefiracetam (N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-2-(2-oxopyrrolidine-1-yl)-acetamide, codename DM-9384) is a fat-soluble compound belonging to the racetam family of cognitive enhancers and has structural similarities with Aniracetam. It acts as a calcium channel opener, a partial agonist at the glycine binding site of NMDA receptors, and an excitatory signal enhancer. It also potentiates acetylcholine receptors and inhibits acetylcholinesterase. It is highly absorbed across the blood-brain barrier and has a half-life of about 10 days.

Long-Term Potentiation

Nefiracetam is a fat-soluble nootropic compound that can pass through the blood-brain barrier. It has been found to improve memory and increase learning capacity by interacting with individual acetylcholine receptors in the brain. It has been shown to potentiate presynaptic acetylcholine release via interactions with the acetylcholine receptor a4b2 subtype in a reversible manner. This potentiation occurs at concentrations that are less than the cholinesterase inhibitor Piracetam (0.1nM) but more potent than Aniracetam (1uM). It has also been noted to reduce amnesia in older rabbits through delayed eyeblink conditioning that requires cholinergic signalling in the septohippocampal region.

Like many nootropics, nefiracetam enhances both GABAergic and cholinergic neurotransmitter systems by prolonging the opening of calcium channels and activating protein kinase C and calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II. It can help to produce a calming effect that is great for those who need to focus on a task for long periods of time. It can also help to alleviate anxiety and stress by reducing the activation of NMDA receptors.

Memory & Learning

Nefiracetam is a powerful nootropic that increases attention span, alertness and cognition. It also boosts learning and memory. It is found at most stores specializing in nootropics and cognitive enhancers. We recommend buying it from PureRawz, as they are a trusted supplier of high-quality nootropics.

Like many racetams, Nefiracetam powder has an impact on the GABAergic and cholinergic systems of the brain. Studies show that long-term usage of nefiracetam is both neuroprotective and nootropic in research animals (similar trends with human studies).

It works by modulating the levels of GABA in the brain, decreasing them when they are too high and increasing them when they are low. It also potentiates acetylcholine receptors to promote the formation of new memories and improve recall. This effect is aided by the fact that nefiracetam is a fat-soluble compound, which allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than water-soluble compounds. It is also a neuroprotective compound, which helps prevent damage to neurons in the brain.

Brain Penetration

Nefiracetam is fat soluble and therefore easily crosses the blood brain barrier and gets into the central nervous system. There it stimulates activity of the main excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and enhances choline which is essential for acetylcholine synthesis.

Moreover, it exerts cognitive-enhancing effects by its activity at NMDA receptors and metabotropic glutamate receptors as well as acetylcholine receptors (nAChR). In animal models of post-ischemic epilepsy it reduces seizure frequency and duration. It also enhances LTP and spatial memory.

Unlike the majority of racetam nootropics, it has more pronounced antidepressant properties and does not act as an SSRI. In a study with mice, it showed antidepressant effects comparable to imipramine, but it worked differently than conventional serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

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